Bitte Kai Rand

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Stand Number: M43

Bitte Kai Rand and her husband Michael Rand established BITTE KAI RAND in 1981. The head office is located in the old harbour area in the heart of Copenhagen.
BITTE KAI RAND is an international luxury brand with 6 yearly collections with a wide distribution in more than 15 countries, being available in 400 stores including 15 concept stores and via own online shop. Showrooms are located in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK, The Netherlands, Ireland, Poland, Belgium, Russia, Switzerland, Austria, South Africa, USA and Australia.

What is your brand known for?

BITTE KAI RAND is an international fashion brand with a rich history in Scandinavian design.
The brand has a curious approach to the western worlds fast pace, and is recognized for its unique style based on the design concept, quality, functionality and comfort.
Fashion and design is meant to inspire and free you not control you, which is the essence in BITTE KAI RAND’s design philosophy: ‘A feeling to wear’.

What are your most popular products? 

Every season you will find a new favorite knit in the collection along with new authentic prints and colors, elegant silhouettes and graphic details. The brand’s pure and lavish play with different materials creates a richness that leaves every collection with an unpretentious and cool expression.

What can visitors expect from your stand?

Good service, willing to work with and alongside customers, Unique patterns and styles


T.+44 (0) 7879 651125

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