Parka London

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Stand Number: C0

In 1948, Alfie Lever, a tailor’s son from the East end of London returns home from the RAF in search of a new adventure. Inspired by the utilitarian designs of his former RAF uniform, Alfie sets out to conquer the outerwear world. In the heart of Londons East End, Alfie opens his first factory in 1953, Alfred Lever & Co is born. Known then as a Mantle Manufacturer, a term for a loose-fitting outerwear garment, the company wins contracts to produce outerwear pieces for the RAF, including the legendary Parka. Not content with sitting on his military laurels, Alfie takes on the fashion world. Supplying some of the most fashionable boutiques of the time, including John Stephens on Carnaby Street and Village Gate in Soho, with his RAF inspired outerwear. Growing up in the factories, Alfie’s son, Stephen takes an interest in his father’s world. From sitting with Nelly, the button lady, to later delivering orders to customers, he learns the skills of the trade. Working closely alongside his father for the next decade, the future is bright for the Lever family business. Stepping fully in to his fathers’ shoes, Stephen takes the reins. Using his expert knowledge and experience he skilfully guides the business through a landmark period of its history. In reaction to market demands, production is moved offshore for the first time. With 60 years of manufacturing heritage behind us, it was time to step in to the limelight with our own label. PARKA LONDON is a tribute to Alfie Levers original vision and his legacy. The brand is a celebration of the iconic, timeless military designs fused with contemporary modern styling and fabrics. Our mission is simple, we aim to make the best Parka available today, that is our mantle.

The classic, Iconic and ultra stylish parka jacket is the most copied piece of outerwear in the market……it is this that stands Parka London away from the competition …that and its history!


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