ROAV Eyewear

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Stand Number: Studio 

ROAV eyewear is the world’s thinnest folding frame. The unique products have been created by a team of designers, engineers and travellers from LA who have a passion for creating eyewear that you can genuinely take anywhere. Their creations fold as thin as a smartphone, have no screws and are featherlight at just 15g and with a global appeal, the brand is now available to buy in over 30 countries internationally.

What is your brand known for? 

Creating the worlds thinnest folding frame and being innovative.

What are your most popular products? 

Both the Origin and Vision series collections have proven extremely popular during 2019.

What can visitors expect from your stand? 

Expect to see world class engineering. The unique design and lightweight feel of our frames and sunglasses means wearers feel super comfortable whilst looking stylish.