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Brand Focus – Dante

What is the story behind your business?

Two people who used to work in computers, set up a jewellery company and still love it nearly 30 years later!

Dante was launched in 1990 when we decided to leave computing and start a fashion import business – then I had to choose between T-shirts and jewellery. My mother’s family were tailors and I had always had an eye for trends in fashion and especially colour. From computing my partner Steve Wrigley and I both had a sound understanding of business and by 1993 he was working full time on Dante, developing our amazing computer system and the technical side of the business.

We both love to travel and I find inspiration wherever we go – this year we have visited Thailand, the Philippines, China, Hong Kong and Greece. One idea came from Thailand – I have created a simple twisted and graduated glass pearl necklace in beautiful teal and burgundy. Simple in principle but the beads had to be specially made and dyed for us. That’s what makes Dante unique.

What do you think is the next best seller for the upcoming season?

I have to be aware of what’s coming in fashion for next season, both colours and textures, as well as jewellery designs and colours our customers wouldn’t want to be without. For next season I predict Dante’s best sellers will be our snakeskin and silver necklace with a black diamond and a black and antique gold tassel necklace. Both will work to enhance and add value to the right outfit. Animal print will be huge, so we have covered the exotics – snake, zebra and leopard in different textures and colours.

What are your brand values?

As everyone would say, we supply a huge range of good quality jewellery with a good back up service. But Dante offers even more to customers. For example every piece is hand checked in the UK, so customers aren’t the first to find out if there’s a problem. Our computer system remembers every piece a customer ever bought and when, and it prices to each customer’s mark up and rounding.

Presentation is always important and we provide complimentary pouches for items £6 and over. These are bespoke Dante pouches woven in India from dress quality fabric.

Our jewellery is also backed up with a no quibble free-post return service so customers don’t have any worries – and some of them have bought from us every season for nearly three decades.

What are the key pieces in your collection?

Reaction so far has focused on the gunmetal collection in a matt-shiny combination, plus the pieces with jet stones and midnight blue sparkle. Our big pearl necklace with matching bracelet continues to be a best seller, especially as they go so well with sharp black outfits with cream trim. Our pearls are light but coated in a shell finish to look and feel like real pearls.

Dante is well known for colours, including unusual shades each season – this time riskier tones of mustard, yellows and green, neutral grey then brighter fuchsia, blues and teal, purple and red to burgundy, rust and gold.