News Brands to set to exhibit in July, have you registered to attend?
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This year, we are welcoming nine of the UK’s leading shoe brands to exhibit their collection for Spring-Summer 2020. Harrogate Fashion Week takes place from 28th-29th July. We look forward to welcoming

 Cara, Caprice, Capollini, Gumbies, Legero, Lotus, Meduse, Mephisto, Unisa



 Cara enjoys a contemporary , wearable product by picking out the significant and long lasting trends that enable the modern woman to build a versatile and individual wardrobe.


 CAPRICE combines fascinating shoe fashion with leading comfort technology. It is particularly recognised for the high quality comfort along with maintaining an aim to attract the fashion conscious woman.


 Initially sourcing product from Italy, our buying team have extended the collection by also collaborating with reliable and long-standing factories in Spain and Brazil.


 Developed with a passion for outdoor life, Gumbies Islander Flip-Flops provide the freedom of minimalistic footwear while ultimately protecting the sole. Experiences of travel, sports and exploration had led to the design, development and manufacturing of what is believed to be the best all round simplistic footwear one will ever own.


Legero defines itself as an international shoe brand for adults and is a committed partner to shoe dealers in nearly all European countries. The focus of the seasonal collections is on everything that embodies lightness, flexibility and functionality. Legero’s footwear is designed to be worn all day every day providing comfort and style, fashion and function.


Lotus has an outstanding reputation for offering women and men a variety of essential footwear styles that are of exceptional quality and fit.  Options include designs that are at the height of fashion and inevitably suit a spectrum of tastes, together with timeless classic options which encapsulate style and elegance and as a result appeal to the more refined lady or the discerning gentleman.


 A new collection, which channels the passion and vibrant energy of Meduse into a heated summer match.


 Mephisto shoes are distinguished by unparalleled walking comfort and the highest level of quality. Handmade by Master Shoemakers, these unique shoes combine modern design with excellent fit.


 Unisa is an internationally renowned Spanish footwear brand. Its designs are particularly characterised by their comfort and the quality of the raw materials used, which is the reason why plenty of women trust and follow the Unisa brand. A company that adapts fashion to everyday women’s life and comfort.